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501 Rio Grande Place

Suite 104

Aspen, CO 81611

+1 970 920 9428


3550 Frontier Avenue

Unit A-2

Boulder, CO 80301

+1 720 277 0098


Denver, CO

Studio B has had the pleasure of being invited to design intimately scaled sculptural pieces for the Denver Art Museum’s Design After Dark event and Modern In Denver’s Design in Bloom event. Each piece is a variation on a theme of balancing solid and void through both digital and analog methods. From afar, viewers are forced to examine the proportion and scale from an implied form through a layered sequence of approach and arrival on both the horizontal and vertical axis. At a distance, the pieces appear as solid monolith. As one approaches closer, the material and spatial specificity becomes evident as an intentional distribution of elements and space. At the most intimate distance, the void or hollow in the solid mass appears, bringing resonance to the pieces.